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  • It is rare that a lateral thinker is willing to articulate and refine bold new approaches that will resonate with a wide range of individuals. Dave Amonson has provided such a work and many of us will applaud.

  • The life security module explains how the vast majority of individuals can effectively manage their individual life security needs; leaving government to deal with the relatively rare truly needy.

  • The one page tax act module focuses on a simple, effective tax system where the entire government revenue from individuals is managed by an entire tax act that fits on one page!

  • The controlling spending module provides a powerful feedback mechanism that re-enfranchises all those individuals who have learned that they cannot make a difference.

  • The works in progress module contains a selection of topics crying out for improvement. Dave provides his insights without fully developing and vetting the proposals. You are invited to contribute to the refining exercise.

  • Only a small number of citizens are willing to invest the time and effort to produce a book that contributes to national governance considerations. I trust that you will appreciate this work as much as I did.

             Have a good read!

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